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Ecodeck Grids Ltd are proud to supply the UK and Europe with 100% recycled, sustainable permeable pavers and ground reinforcement grids. Our product range allows a versatile use of our products and gives limitless options.

Our products are in the context of loadbearing polymer or similar substrate, intended for insertion into driveways, pathways, sports pitches, parkland, parking areas, municipal areas and other public and private areas for the protection of surface and retention of aggregate, stone, pebbles, grass, turf, crumb, soil and other common top dressing materials.

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Our Ecodrive 500 grids are a sustainable, long-term solution to your ground reinforcement and come with a unique 25-year guarantee.

All our Ecodrive 500 grids are manufactured in the UK using high-quality, tough, 100% recycled, UV stable plastics to maintain a strong, long-lasting product. The grids can be filled with a wide range of materials, such as, soil, grass seed, gravels, stones and more. For best results we would suggest using a gravel size tolerance of 5mm to 35mm.

Our Ecodrive 500 grids are sized at 50 x 50 x 4cm, and the modular design means the system can be added to or changed at any time. The open cell structure provides extra walls of stability and prevent lateral and downward migration and disruption of your chosen infill material.

We are proud to offer a versatile product that can be used for both domestic and commercial use, from household driveways, garden ground reinforcement to car parking and overspill, large scale access roads and landscape areas. Our Ecodrive 500 grids are eco-friendly and comply with both the S.U.D.S. regulation (sustainable-urban-drainage-solutions) and the Flood and Water Management Act 2010.

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Our 100% recycled plastic Ecopark Grids are designed with brilliant flexibility and tough, durable properties allowing load capacity of up to 500 tonnes per m2 and making them the perfect product to withstand frequent use.

Whether you require parking grids for domestic use or for a large commercial space, Ecodeck is the company you can trust!  Due to their versatile nature, they can be used on multiple different landscapes, for example, they can be used to protect a lawn or to level an uneven surface for cars. All our products are manufactured here in the UK, allowing us to deliver products of consistent quality.

Our Ecopark Grids are sized at 50 x 50 x 4cm. The cell bottom lattice feature design means that once they are laid and filled, the weight of the ground inside keeps them firmly in place. The open cell structure design of the Parking Grid (x49 individual 70mm square pockets per grid) allows for a neat gravel or grass finish, as well as providing extra walls of stability and preventing lateral and downward migration and disruption of your chosen infill material. For best results we would suggest using a gravel size tolerance of 5MM to 30MM.

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Our Earth Press Grass Grids are a durable and innovative solution for grass reinforcement and can comfortably withstand vehicles up-to around 20-25 (tested) tonnes including farm machinery, tractors, and lorries, cars, vans etc. They are suitable for various domestic to light industrial surface reinforcement applications.

Its innovative design allows for the grid to be ‘pressed’ into the existing ground ensuring that all traffic ride on the combination of both the grids and the ground preventing ground churning. And the key is to stop the beginning process of the ground churning, because once it starts it gets worse. So, protect the grass, and the grass will protect your ground.


The grid is designed in a way that it tapers from a sharper edge from bottom of the grid that is first to contact the earth, to the middle wider profile, (this design allows the deck to cut through the earth like a knife as weight is applied. Then from a wider middle profile it tapers back down to a slightly less sharp top edge, this means the earth can trap the grids down to prevent a lifting action, this is where our grid is unlike any other grid in the world, and with this the corners of the grid have a specially deigned rib (which we call an Anti-Lift-Rib), which also prevents it from lifting. This too is added to by the grabbing of the grass itself over a short period of time, clinging and almost wrapping the grids, and grass being as strong as it is- means they simply wont budge once knitted together. And the longer they are in the ground, the more wrapped & binded they become by the grass. Leading to a far more durable and stable surface, which stays green even in the winter wet months- meaning no more mud!

We recommend that the grids are pressed into the ground using a 2.5 tonne ride on vibrating roller (or upto a 10 tonne roller is fine too). And importantly with the circle markings on facing down into the ground. This makes for an incredible easy installation.

The ECODECK EARTH-PRESS is a high strength, UV stable, recycled, injection moulded plastic grid that is compression tested to a ‘minimum’ 500 tonne / SQM load test rating. Grids are of modular design which means the system can be added too at any time.

If you require any further detailed information, please just get in touch and ask.

Our ECODECK EARTHPRESS model is the only one of its kind. Its permeable open cell structure and innovative ‘cutting edge’ design allows for the grid to be ‘pressed’ into the existing ground providing surface reinforcement. The grids are pressed into the soil to ground level which ensures that all traffic ride on a combination of both the grid and the underlying ground therefore preventing the ground from churning. They are extremely strong yet have the flexibility in themselves as well as the joining system to allow the grids to ride any ground undulation.

Our ECODECK EARTHPRESS grids measure 85 x 62 x 3.5cm and are suitable for various domestic to light industrial surface reinforcement applications.

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Our Equideck Grids are made from 100% recycled materials, and they are a high strength, UV stable, injection moulded plastic grid that is compression tested to a ‘minimum’ 500 tonne / SQM load test rating.

The Equideck Grids are tough and can comfortably withstand horses, cattle and other livestock. The Equideck Grids are versatile and commonly used for many agricultural applications.

Our Equideck Grids minimises the construction work needed to provide a safe supportive surface for equine use, from ménages, schools, arenas and even large public equine events. It provides a permanent, maintenance free, safe and supportive, winter riding surface solution.

The Equideck Grids is ideal for multiple areas of use for horse, equestrian and livestock yards, such as ménage, paddocks,
animal feeding stations, and everyday areas such as grazing paddocks. Below are some other commonly known applications for the Equideck Grids.

  • Riding arenas
  • Lunging arenas
  • Exercise areas
  • Horse mounting zones
  • Feeding stations
  • Stables & Stable yards
  • Riding school access lanes & tracks

Whilst the Equideck Grids are very tough and robust, they are also semi flexible to be kind on your horses’ hooves. Being permeable, they can also be used as grass protection and for access runs to fields and gateways, as well as, general stable yard surface support.

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The Ideal Solution for Weed Control and Healthy Soil

Transform Your Landscaping with Our Innovative Woven Permeable Ground Sheet Membrane

Our ecofriendly ground sheet membrane tackles two common landscaping challenges: pesky weed growth and uneven watering. Made from a robust 100 GSM woven material, it’s the ideal barrier against weeds, preventing them from stealing nutrients and water from your desired plants, whilst simultaneously acting as a stabilising membrane.

Say Goodbye to Weeds and Promote Healthy Plant Growth

The secret lies in our unique ripple weave technology, which allows air, water, and nutrients to pass through freely, reaching the root systems of your plants and ensuring optimal health. The superior water dispersion eliminates puddling, ensuring even moisture distribution throughout your soil.

Our ground sheet membrane is built to endure. Made from high-quality materials with UV stabilizers, it boasts a lifespan of 5 to 7 years, resisting the harsh effects of sunlight and maintaining its functionality for years to come.

Ecofriendly and Compliant:

Our permeable ground sheet aligns perfectly with our eco-conscious approach to landscaping. Complying with Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions (SUDS) regulations and the Flood and Water Management Act 2010.

Simple Installation, Diverse Applications:

The easy-to-install design makes our ground sheet a perfect fit for DIY enthusiasts and professional landscapers alike. Beyond weed control, it’s a versatile solution for a variety of landscaping needs:

  • Stable Shed and Building Bases: Create a solid, weed-free foundation for sheds, pathways, patios, and other outdoor structures.
  • Reinforced Grass Banks: Prevent erosion on slopes and maintain the shape of your grassy areas.
  • Lawn Protection: Suppress weed growth while safeguarding your lawn from damage.

Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how our permeable ground sheet membrane can transform your outdoor space.